Values, Vision & Mission

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Transforming Education to Empower Lifelong Learners

Values, Vision & Mission


  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Inclusiveness


To deliver transforming education, training and development that is future-focused, learner-centred, equips all individuals to thrive in their life’s purpose in a constantly changing environment, and promotes the good of all humanity.


IN4OBE exists to elevate and transform the paradigm of time-honored, conventional thinking and practice in the world’s education systems – from national policies to classroom interactions, and from the earliest years of life to mature adulthood. 

The essence of our mission is comprehensive, visionary, and inclusionary:

  1. First, cultivating in all learners the empowering qualities and capacities to thrive in our complex, challenging world.
  2. Second, directly assisting education systems to expand the conditions and implement the processes that enable that to happen.

We will achieve our vision by enabling stakeholders in education, training and development at all levels to install and implement a Transformational Outcome Based Education Training and Development System that is linked to Futures Studies and designed to meet the current future needs of all stakeholders.

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