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Welcome To Global OBE Virtual Summit 2022

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Three Program Themes
for your Proposals

  • Theme 1: Models of Learning – Moving from Principles to Practices

    Topic 1: Effectively Designing and Implementing Qualification Frameworks

    Topic 2: Defining Learning Outcomes and Integrating them into Curriculum

    Topic 3: Implementing Effective Instructional Strategies

    Topic 4: Assessing Outcomes, Skills and Competencies

    Topic 5: Practical Models for Both Quality and Accreditation

  • Theme 2: Organizational Change – Mitigating Limitations for Capacity Building

    Topic 1: Leading Transformational Change in Education
    Topic 2: Defining and Achieving Institutional Effectiveness for Transformational Education
    Topic 3: Managing Educational Systems for Learner Empowerment
    Topic 4: Expanding Enrollment and Retention with Empowered Learners
    Topic 5: Faculty Training and Development for Transformational Education

  • Theme 3: Transformational Education
    Using Technology - Challenges and Benefits

    Topic 1: Smart Schools and Learning Environments

    Topic 2: Designing for Effective Learning Using Digital Technology

    Topic 3: AI and Machine Learning

    Topic 4: Automating Assessment and Evaluation

    Topic 5: Digital Divide

We have reserved places on the Summit program for attendees to present their Best Practices OBE work to our world-wide audience. A 500 words proposal reflecting one of the Summit’s five program themes and guidelines should be submitted to the IN4OBE Proposal System by January 15th, 2022 and will be reviewed by our Global Team of OBE Experts.

Winners in each track and their 3 theme areas will be selected and notified by a panel of judges. Qualified participants will present their work on Days 2 or 3, be honored at an Awards Ceremony at the end of Day 3, and receive both a Spady Excellence Award of accomplishment and cash prizes of $US 250 each.




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Welcome to the Global OBE Virtual Summit 2022

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Guidelines for Submitting Proposals

Your proposal should in not more than 500 words clearly elaborate four essential elements that are fully aligned with a particular theme for acceptance of your institutional OBE efforts.

The Four Essential Elements for Acceptance of Proposals:

1) Goals 
2) Authentic OBE frameworks
3) Practices and
4) Achievements

Proposals accepted for presentations need to provide satisfactory evidence of attainment of all the 4 essential elements . References to publications, assessment/evaluation reports, images, videos, awards, regional or international news announcements etc. can be acceptable forms of proof of achievement. Only paid participants of the OBE Global Virtual Summit 2022 can submit proposals. An individual summit participant and can submit only one institutional proposal in any one theme. Multiple participants may individually submit different proposals on behalf of the same institution. IN4OBE reserves the right to maintain complete confidentiality and fully limits any public release of information related to details of results of selection or awards judgments by its judging panel. Members of the judging panel reserve the right to apply expert discretion in addition to performance rubrics for fairly evaluating competitiveness and accurately finalizing acceptance decisions in case of any apparent equivalence regarding participant submissions and/or presentations. Only top 5 qualifying proposals will be selected for every topic in 3 theme areas of each track for presentations and final evaluation for Winners of  Spady Excellence Awards and cash prizes of $US 250 each.

Editorial Board

Prof. Fong K. Mak, Gannon University, Erie, Pennsylvania
Dr. Wajid Hussain, COO, IN4OBE, St. Petersburg, Florida

Prof. Hasan Sarwar, United International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Prof. Motaharul Islam, United International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Prof. Elias Sampa, Australian Institute for Higher Education, Manila, Philippines

Dr. Lovella Divinagracia, University of the Philippines, Visayas, Philippines

Prof. Ronald Carriveau, Member Advisory, IN4OBE, St. Petersburg, Florida

Dr. Joseph D. Levy, Executive Director of Assessment & Accreditation, National Louis University, Chicago, Illinois

Des Collier, Member Advisory, IN4OBE, St. Petersburg, Florida