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Welcome to IN4OBE

International Network for Outcome Based Education

We’re the International Network for Outcome Based Education, a committed team of visionary educational leaders and consultants bringing the transformational promise, mission, and practices of authentic Outcome Based Education to schools and universities across the world.

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Welcome To IN4OBE

OBE Timeline

United States Fifty Years Ago

Our Success

Our Success for All Learners philosophy, paradigm and implementation efforts began fifty years ago in the United States when the famous Benjamin Bloom launched his Mastery Learning model of classroom instruction.

North America Two decades later

Two decades later

Two decades later, that proactive philosophy and its operating principles had become a major force for education change throughout North America, and today they reach into every continent and level of education.

21st Century NOW

21st Century

 Those highly effective traditional approaches to ‘OBE’ have now expanded and evolved into IN4OBE’s future-focused, 21st Century emphasis on brain-compatible, empowering, learner-centered, life-performance work.

Dr. William Spady – “The Father of OBE”

is Bringing to you a Team of Faculty, Leaders, Decision Makers
Program Evaluators, Curriculum Specialists from All Levels of Education.
Take Advantage of this Remarkable Opportunity!

new understandings about OBE

Discover What is Essential to Know and Apply About
Transformational OBE.

Elevating Purpose

Empowering Essence, Inspiring Developments
Powerful Applications, Remarkable Potentials
Overlooked Truths, World-Wide Outreach.

fifty-year evolutionary period of

Transformational OBE

Throughout this fifty-year evolutionary period our team members have distinguished themselves as trailblazers and pioneers in every aspect of what we call Transformational OBE. Working from a philosophy, paradigm and principles that are focused on elevating and expanding the conditions that foster both short- and long-term learner motivation and success, we have literally written and implemented ‘the book’ on what authentic Outcome Based Education is and can become in schools, universities, and learning communities of all kinds.

We encourage you to explore the profiles and contributions of our distinguished team that appear on our IN4OBE website. We pride ourselves in the uncompromising integrity, originality, thoroughness, and impact of our work, and we invite you join our movement, and to contact us for assistance in bringing the power of transformational OBE to your institution, community, and country.

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