Expert level


IN4OBE’s consultants provide expert level guidance to programs and their faculty on:
1. Reviewing Program-level Student Outcomes according to:
  • Higher-order Life-performance roles
  • Their Clarity, Alignment, Adequacy, Representativeness, and Redundancy
2. Writing accurate Learning Outcomes with comprehensive coverage of:
  • Disciplinary knowledge and skills
  • Generic skills
  • Attitudes and values
  • Competencies and capacity building
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • International outlook and an appreciation of cultural diversity
  • Vision and an orientation to the future
  • Adaptability and flexibility, a passion for learning,
  • Ability to develop clear, forward-looking goals, and self-direction and self-discipline
  • Ethical standards and compassion
  • Respect for others and high standards of personal integrity
  • Compassion, and a readiness to contribute to the community
3. Aligning Learning Outcomes to teaching and learning, assessment, feedback and on time student improvement activities
4. Implementing various types of Assessment Tools and Methods, which are:
  • Both Formative and Summative
  • Criterion-referenced and Alternative
  • Authentic and Performance based
5. Defining and Designing Assessment Tasks
6. Developing and implementing state of the art Performance Indicators, Hybrid Rubrics and Marking Schemes

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