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Dr. Fong Mak

Dr. Fong Mak is a Professor at the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) of Gannon University. He is also a consultant to GE Transportation in Erie since 1994 and helps build real-time simulators for aid in design and development of control schemes for the GE locomotives. He served 14 years as a Chair for the ECE department. He published significant research work on outcomes assessment; and offered 10 workshops at BAP/ABET Symposium and FIE conferences on outcomes assessment and accreditation. With his extensive knowledge and experience in outcomes assessment, he founded MAKTEAM Softwareand created EvalTools®, the most comprehensive online assessment tool that covers learning management, outcomes assessment, continuous improvement management, student advising, survey and institutional-wide self-study. With EvalTools®, he successfully led the ECE department of Gannon through three ABET accreditation cycles with flying colors in 2005, 2011, and 2017 respectively. In addition, he served as Co-Chair for the Gannon’s Middle-States Self-Study committee from 2010 till 2013 and led the committee through a two-year preparation effort in writing the self-study report that resulted in Gannon receive its most successful accreditation record in 2013.

Similarly, with EvalTools®, he assisted Physics and Engineering program of Frostburg State University; and Computer Science and Engineering programs of Islamic University of Madinah to achieve excellent results in ABET accreditation. He serves as consultant to other schools for their ABET accreditation.

In addition, he worked with K12 schools to create AdamTools® for K12 school districts to manage their student information from admissions to graduation as well as special education to handle Intervention Assistant Team (IAT), Multi-Factor Evaluation (MFE) and Individual Education Program (IEP). His most recent work is the creation of a School Management System based on 7-Pillar principles that allows a district to analyze effectively its management and academic achievement performance. 

Talking Points for MAKTEAM’s products:

1. Programs that use EvalTools® have achieved Excellent accreditation results

2. EvalTools® was the ONLY selected Outcomes Assessment tool showcased in the OBE ICON 2016 conference in Asia.

3. EvalTools® is the ONLY assessment tool endorsed by Spady & Uy Center as the OBE tool.

4. EvalTools® has users published videos on YouTube.

5. EvalTools® has comprehensive publications and workshops conducted by users

6. EvalTools® is the ONLY tool that has a book written by users for its effectiveness in Outcomes Based Education.

EvalTools® is the most comprehensive tool that includes Learning Management System (LMS), Outcomes Assessment System (OAS), Student Advising System (SAS), Survey, Institutional Self-Study, Continuous Improvement Management System (CIMS), all in one package.



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