elevate and transform the paradigm

IN4OBE achieves its mission

IN4OBE achieves its mission through a broad range of awareness-building, training, and direct assistance activities and resources that include:

  1. Distribution of OBE information through media of all kinds.
  2. Conducting national and regional conferences and hands-on workshops on the paradigm, principles and fundamentals of authentic OBE.
  3. Presenting papers and Symposia on OBE at professional conferences.
  4. Working directly with institutions and faculty on outcomes development and aligning curriculum, instruction, assessments, and credit systems with them.
  5. Working with national professional associations on re-framing their outcomes, curriculum and instructional systems.
  6. Advising national governing and policy bodies on constructive ways to revitalize and improve their institutional support systems.
  7. Assisting institutions to meet and exceed accreditation requirements.
  8. Creating and supporting networks of like-minded OBE visionaries.
  9. Sharing OBE information, resources, and ongoing developments through this website

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